Bible Drills



Objects: At the back of the room there is a table on which a variety of objects are arranged. Two children of roughly equal ability are selected to come to the front and look up the reference. One of the objects on the table is mentioned in the verse. The first child to bring the correct object to the person in charge of the quiz is the winner. In order to involve very young children, there can be two pairs of children, each pair consisting of one older child and one younger one. The older child looks up the verse, and tells the object to the younger child, who must then fetch it from the table. Suitable bible references and objects are as follows:

 Jeremiah 13:12 (Bottle)

 Job 6:6 (Salt)

 Deuteronomy 25:13  (Bag)

 Psalm 60:8  (Shoe)

 Genesis 44:12  (Cup)

 Luke 4:20  (Book)

 Psalm 11:2 ([String)

 Proverbs 1:14  (Purse)

 Isaiah 8:1  (Pen)

2 Kings 4:7  (Oil)

 Proverbs 17:22 (Medicine)

 Psalm 90:4 (Watch)

Genesis 22:10 (Knife, not a sharp one!)

 Haggai 1:8  (Wood)

 Acts 4:11 (Stone)

John 13:4 (Towel)

 Revelation 1:14 (Wool)

 Mark 15:36 (Sponge)

 Ruth 2:14 (Bread)

Jeremiah 2:22 (Soap)

 Psalm 52:2 (Razor – safety type!)

 Acts 23:5([Ruler!)

 Matthew 16:19 (Keys)


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