Jokes #3


 Test your knowledge of the Irish. Good luck!
1. Some areas in Ireland are known to receive this many inches of      rain each year, which accounts for the brilliantly green grass          that has earned Ireland the nickname the “emerald isle”:
     A) Sixty inches
     B) Seventy inches
     C) Eighty inches
     D) Ninety inches

2. “Erin Go Bragh,” a phrase heard often on St. Patrick’s Day,               means:
     A) I Love Ireland
     B) Ireland Forever
     C) Brave and Free
     D) Ireland, My Home

3. Irish tradition says that anyone who kisses the blarney stone,          which is located near this town, will be blessed with the Irish         “gift of gab”:
    A) Dublin
    B) Wexford
    C) Cork
    D) Waterford

4. Traditional Irish music has found an international audience with     the popularity of such Celtic bands as:
    A) The Chieftains
    B) The Lads
    C) Shannon Rovers
    D) Sweet Honey in the Rock

5. In November 1995, the people of Ireland narrowly passed a           referendum legalizing:
    A) Same-sex marriages
    B) Abortion
    C) Divorce
    D) Marijuana

6. Today, this number of Americans trace their ancestry back to Ireland:
A) Ten million
B) Twenty-five million
C) Forty million
D) Sixty-five million
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