Jokes #3

Irish Trivia

 Did you know that?

The Harp is the official Emblem of Ireland, not the Shamrock. The handheld Harp was played by our Celtic Forefathers.

It was Saint Patrick who made the Shamrock so popular.

The potato”e” Potato is not native to Ireland. It was originally brought to Ireland from the American Continent.

Ireland is not the only place Gaelic is spoken. It is also spoken on the Isle of Man and in Scotland.

Over 40% of the United States Presidents had Irish ancestors.

Eamon De Valera was the first President of the Irish Republic. He was born in Manhattan, New York City.  

Irish & Irish-Americans laid the ground work for America’s Bridges, Tunnels, and Subways. Many lost their lives as Sandhogs.

Mike Quill (b.1905, d.1966), born in County Kerry, Ireland, was the founding president of the Transport Workers Union of America. During his tenure, the U.S. labor movement made great strides.

70 Million people worldwide can claim Irish ancestry.

St. Brendan, an Irish Monk, was a 5th century sailor. It is alleged that he discovered America before Christopher Columbus.

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America was in 1737 hosted by the Charitable Irish Society of Boston. The second was established in 1780 by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in Philadelphia.


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