Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger  Hunt 

This is a scavenger hunt where you send out each team with a coat hanger (or another small item if you wish) and you instruct each team to go door to door in the neighborhood asking people if they will trade for something bigger (strictly the size) or better (quality, value, etc.). The team that brings back the biggest or best item back is the winner. Teams must trade the items, not come back with a stockpile of items. Each team will come back with one item and judges will determine the winner.

You must trade each item you receive for the next item
No money or anything else can be offered on the side
Your team must stay together

Another option:


The Edible Bigger and Better Hunt: You can start each team with a small food (carrott, celery stick, tomato, anything small). Have the teams then go out into the neighborhood and knock on doors asking for something edible that is bigger or better then what they have already. The team who ever comes back with the best object wins. Rules: the object must be human food, which means no dog or cat food. Prize: For the team that wins let them pick something that another team has gotten for a prize. Or- pizza in never a bad idea!


Reserve your nearby ice rink and go play hockey with mere tennis shoes on, using brooms as sticks, a huge insurance liability policy, and a small ball as a puck.




Similar to Video Scavenger Hunt, teams go out with video camera to capture on video a list of Christmas Decorations. The list includes the more difficult items like house with all white lights, a baby doll in a manger, camels, three wise-men, Mr and Mrs. Claus or Snowman, wooden nativity, luminaries, group of live Christmas Carolers, extra points if you get a homeowner in the video with said object, person dressed as Santa, etc. Sometimes we list them items with descriptive words so they have to figure out what is needed on the list. This works at night _ we just have the kids bring flashlight. The unique part of the event is that the group must add a dramatic flair to the video _ like a mini movie. Each group must create a documentary movie while getting the items on the list. The rule is that everyone on team must be captured on the video (in front of the item)to get the credit.
We have everyone with the cameras bring the necessary equipment so we can watch it when we get back. And we have a chaperone judge it give extra points for the creativity.
Added by Tara Spradley

Split group into teams. (Make sure first of all, that you have vehicles, and an oven for each team to use.) The team will be given a list with several items needed to make cookies.
For example:

  • flour
  • sugar
  • baking soda
  • chocolate chips
  • butter
  • brown sugar
  • salt
  • cookie sheet
  • bowl

Each team must go door to door in your community, trying to collect ONE ingredient from each house. You can allow them to buy one and only ONE item from a store.

Once the items are collected, the teams must go to the location where there oven is waiting.  Without a recipe they must prepare their cookies, cook them, and bring them back to the facility. The first team to collect all items, bake the cookies, and arrive at the facility wins.

Enjoy eating the cookies when you’re done (even though they might taste funky!)
idea by Jenessa Vande Griend


This is in the spirit of video scavenger hunts and photo car rally’s. Find a couple of old, ratty couches that you won’t mind getting thrashed. Divide your group into teams of about 15 or so, making sure that each team has someone with a truck to carry the couch. Provide a list of places around town that the teams will be takingYOUTH their couch to for different point amounts. Give each team a polaroid camera so that each team can take a picture on their couch at each location. A few good places to put on the list would be Movie theatres, malls, Grocery stores, walmart, the state capital steps, etc… Give teams about an good amount of time before having to meet at church and then score the teams.
Added by Greg Johnson


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