Basic Bible questions

Basic Bible questions 

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1. Who wrote the first four books of the New Testament?

2. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?

3. What two Old Testament books are named for women?

4. What are the Ten Commandments?

5. What is the Greatest Commandmen’t?

6. What is the second Greatest Commandment?

7. What is the Golden Rule?

.8. What is the Great Commission?

9. What was the test of a prophet, to know that he was truly from God?

10. To whom did God give the 10 Commandments?)

11. Which two people did not die?

12. What is the root of all? 

13. What is the beginning of wisdom? 

14. Who delivered the Sermon on the Mount?

15. How did sickness and death enter the world?

16. Who was the Roman governor who sentenced Christ to death?

17. Who are the major prophets?

18. What people group is the Old Testament about?

19. What happened while the Lord Jesus was in the desert for 40 days? 

20. How many people were on Noah’s ark?

21. Who was the first murderer?

22. Which person was afflicted with terrible trials but trusted God through it all?

23. Who was Israel’s most well-known and well-loved king?

24. Who was “the weeping prophet?”

25. Who was thrown into the lion’s den?

26. Who were the two people in the famous fight with a stone and a sling?

27. What is the book of Acts about?

28. What are epistles?

29. On what occasion was the Holy Spirit given to the church?

30. Whom did God command to sacrifice his only son?

31. What was the Old Testament feast that celebrated God’s saving the firstborn of Israel the night they left Egypt?

32. Who was the Hebrew who became prime minister of Egypt?

33. Who was the Hebrew woman who became Queen of Persia?

34. Who was the pagan woman who became David’s great-grandmother?

35. Which angel appeared to Mary?

36. How did the Lord Jesus die?

37. What happened to Him three days after He died?

38. What happened to the Lord Jesus 40 days after His resurrection?

39. What should we do when we sin, in order to restore our fellowship with God?

40. How did the universe and world get here?

41. Where did Satan and the demons come from?

42. Who directed the writing of the Bible?

43. Where was the Lord Jesus before He was conceived in Mary?

44. Who taught in parables?

45. What are parables?

46. Which two animals talked with human speech?

47. With which woman did David commit adultery?

48. Which one of their sons succeeded David as king?

49. Who was the female judge of Israel?

50. Who was the wisest man in the world?

51. Who was the first man?

52. Who was the most humble man on earth?

53. Who was the strongest man on earth?

54. Where were the two nations of God’s people taken into captivity?

55. Which cupbearer to a foreign king rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem?

56. Who were the two Old Testament prophets who worked miracles?

57. Which Old Testament prophet spent three days in the belly of a great fish?

58. What is the last book of the Old Testament?

59. For which Israelite commander did the sun stand still?

60. Who was the first king of Israel?

61. Who built the temple in Israel?

62. Which of the twelve tribes of Israel served as priests?

63. Which city fell after the Israelites marched around it daily for seven days?

64. What did God give the Israelites to eat in the wilderness?

65. Which two people walked on water?

66. Who was the first martyr?

67. Who betrayed Jesus to the priests, and for how much?

68. What is the Lord’s Prayer?

69. Who was the first person to see the risen Lord?

70. Which prophet and cousin of the Lord was beheaded?

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